Hi blog surfers so I am sorry I do not write as often because i have been so busy with grad 7 home work. but I wnted to tell you that this summer I got a PUPPY!!!!! he is a golden retriver and he is five months old.He is so cute and I will get pics up soon.

Group Activity Building (Human structures)

Get on my back, put your leg here, and move over. That is some of the words you heard when we did our building. We had to build a structure that people know well. Here are what the class did. Eric, Rachel, Payton and Lizzie did the Great Wall of China. Rebekah, Danny and Liam did the Leaning tower of Pisa. John, Riannah, Rosa and Mr. Laurie did the pyramids. Katie, Tyler, Tyrone and Gyeson did the Eiffel tower. Solana, Priya, Riley and Josh did the Sphinxes. Mark, Easton and Caleb did a Teepee. Jessica, Jaiden and Mason did London bridge. Last but not least Riley,Tat and ben did the BIG HOCKEY STICK IN DUNCAN. It was the hardest to guess but we all thought it was a good idea. We all had great ideas and we had lots of fun building. If you are ever a teacher you should really try this with your class.


“We have to care about the rights of people in our country and not worry about the rights of people in other places”

I don’t think this is right because you have to treat every one the same. If we did not care about the people in Haiti the people under the rubble would be dead and a month later they all would be dead due to no food water or medical help. But we do care so lots of lives were saved. In wars we cared about others right so we went to help. The main idea of the world is…. TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.

What do you think? Respond back please if you have opinions.

My Gloggster: Adoulfus Tips

Click here to see my glog full size. I was reading this book for class and I was so interested in it that I was staying up late to read and I was reading it at recces. I love this book and i give it ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of five stars.

Have any you read the book Adoulfus Tips? If so tell what you liked about it.

The seed has life

On the go!_tanakawhoOk so today in science our class had a debate about if seeds have life and I wanted to share my opinion. Well for starters I say both the seed inside is living but the outside is not. I think the seed is like an egg it has a living thing on the inside but on the outside it is just a non living thing. The seed can eat because the inside of the seed is full of nutrients for the living part until it sprouts.

What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me.

On the go! by: tanakawho

The Forest Is Full Of Life

Untitled_josef.stueferIt is covered in moss, leafs and big trees

The trees sway in the wind back and fourth back and fourth

Birds chirp

Snow Birds soar above me while I walk

As I lay on the big rock I look up and see the sun peaking through the canopy

As I stand on a log I feel it move beneath me

As I walk sticks break

I could nap in you forever

As I said before the forest is full of life.

Untitled by: josef.stuefer

My Dog Taylor

untitled_Marvin KuoMy dog Taylor is so cute. She is six that is still a baby. In dog years she is 42. Taylor is older then me by thirty three years. Taylor loves her tennis ball. She is all so hyper. She loves my bed when I am not it. Taylor has a Halloween costume. It is a devil it has wings an it it has a hood with devil horns on it. Taylor is so adorable in it. She loves to take walks all around the neighbor hood. Taylor got married to Freddy.  Freddy is smaller then Taylor and Taylor is more hyper then Freddy.

written by:Sarah

Untitled by: Marvin Kuo